In today’s overcrowded tech world, rising above the noise is practically impossible. Most mobile applications replicate the success of others to chase a quick (and profitable) exit, rarely will you find a revolutionary mobile application. Enter, the intoGo app. “intoGo is like having a personal concierge in your pocket. It makes personalized recommendations by learning your interests and matching them with nearby things to do,” said intoGo’s CEO Zach Schwartz. Technologist and NFL Veteran Drayton Florence stopped by intoGo’s headquarters after a recent trip to VR Day ATL to praise intoGo’s innovative development team and to meet Zach. “Zach’s team is doing a brilliant job bringing innovation to our Northeast Florida community. The intoGo app is fast, fun, innovative, and ahead of its time. My job at Tech From Vets is to partner with innovative companies that align well with our brand identity. Our partnership with intoGo will accelerate both companies locally and globally,” said Florence.

The intoGo app allows Floridians to explore their local community with a simple left or right swipe. You can also filter by your interests and how far you’re willing to travel. What makes this app unique is that your likes are sorted based on what’s closest to your location, and you can change your location and swipe from anywhere in your city.

“intoGo focuses on places where people can go to enjoy life, create memories and share experiences. By simply swiping left or right, intoGo learns what you love, then makes personalized recommendations tailored just for you,” stated Zach. What’s great about intoGo is that as you swipe, your liked cards are stored in your profile and saved based on what’s nearby. You can sort your city, then access your personal list when you need it most. Simply change your location to browse different parts of town or share cool places with your friends.

The possibilities to find fun are limitless with the intoGo app. IntoGo is undergoing a seed round of investment, where it’s looking for $1.5 million. The $1.5 million would cover a year of the app operating, Schwartz said. The app company plans to launch in other cities soon and was recently awarded the 2016 BizTech Award.

intoGo will continue to forge the future in the mobile application marketplace. More information can be found at